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    2 Text Frames, make 2nd text frame move automatically as the first one grows



      Is this possible. 2 Simple Text frames on a page, one directly under the other. When I start writing content into the first text frame, it grows vertically down the page. Brilliant, howewer it then starts to overlap the 2nd text frame. Is there any way to make the 2nd frame start to move vertically down the page as the first frame grows?


      It justs that I putting a catalog together for a horse show that contains 100 classes, with entries in each class. So to start I created the spread with 20 pages, with a text box for eaxch class. However I have no way of knowning how many entries i wil get in a class, so as the entries come in, i start populating each text box (i..each class)  and of course the text boxes are going to start overlapping each other. I don't want have to go and move all the text boxes on each pages down a bit to make move. This will take for ever.


      So for example, I start typing in the very first text box. I get a crazy amount of entries. I put the entries in, it grows vertically down the page, of course it going to start hitting the boundary of the 2nd text box, is there any way to make the text boxes after the 1st one to move automatically down the page


      Is this possible