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    Show inside dynamic text the title for multiple images on mouseover

    Cool Colors Level 1

      I have 25 animated movieclips dragged on the stage and they have similar instance names for easier manipulation purposes inside programming using loops. The instance names look like this: image0, image1, image2 and so on.


      Each time I go mouseover on one of these unique images I want to show the unique title of that image using for all titles just one dynamic text container named imageTitle.


      I have succeeded to make this work image by image but this would require me to copy paste and modify for each image the following code.

      image0.onRollOver = function() { 
          imageTitle.text = "First image title";
          imageTitle.textColor = 0x000000; // setting the text color here

      image0.onRollOut = function() { 
          imageTitle.text = "Choose an image";
          imageTitle.textColor = 0x000000;


      Question: The above code would work but seems redundant to me. Since I have similar instance names (image0, image1, ....,image24), how can I put this code inside a loop or something in order to work for all images without repeating this code 25 times.


      Update: I have added an array to the project that contains all the titles:

      var imagesTitles = new Array("First image title", "Second image title", .... );