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    Sudden issue with severe "stuttering" on playback - Hardware issue?

    David Red Tide



      Windows 7 Laptop running CS6 Creative Suite

      16GB RAM

      500GB Internal Hard Drive

      Project files stored and sourced from Seagate 3TB USB 3.0 External Harddrive

      Intel Core i7-2760QM CPU @ 2.40GHz

      Nvidia GEForce GTX 560M


      Clip Codecs:

      Cineform CFHD AVI

      Apple Prores 4:2:2


      Some Background info:


      Until approximately three weeks ago, I had never encountered a single problem, super smooth playback, quick processing, all hunky dory. Suddenly, ovrnight, I started to experience stuttering playback of previews which varied from he annoyingly choppy to severe and totally uneditable. There was no gradual degradation of playback, it went from perfect to unusable overnight.


      I contacted Adobe support on 2 separate occasions and they did remote access viewings to no avail. The laptop was then sent to the manufacturer who stated they had found that dust had made its way into the GPU fan, this was replaced and the laptop cleaned out but again to no avail. Last night, I had perfect playback, today, back to unusable stuttering,


      As you will probably realise the GPU is not CUDA enabled so could this be the issue? If so. why the perfect performance until now?


      Seriously getting majorly frustrated as I am losing day upon day of work. Weeks of online searching has failed to raise a solution so hopefully, someone here can solve this for me.