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    Drop-down text window problem


      I can't get the text window to display even though it works fine in the preview panels

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP





          I’m a bit confused as the title says drop-down and you’re also talking about a window.




          Are you having trouble with the DHTML dropdown text, or are you expecting to see a popup?









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            cwilliams53 Level 1

            Hi William.


            Problem solved… I think.


            I had created a DHTML drop-down text box with conditional tags.  In order to do this I copied an existing drop down and amended the text inside it.


            My problem was that whilst the old drop down displayed correctly when you click the “+” sign, the new drop down does not do so.


            I tried deleting it and re-creating it from scratch but with no success.


            However, when you copy the DHTML link from the master page it works fine.


            So, following a hunch I re-applied the Master style sheet and CSS to the topic concerned and everything now seems to work.


            My only concern is that without testing every link I don’t know which topics require the master sheet to be re-applied so I may just do all of them


            Chris W