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    Fireworks crash - all text is gone




      after 3 days hard working in firworks, all is ready. Then, it crashes (like every day many times - thanks adobe) but now, the whole text is gone.

      I am totally frustrated.


      Any idea?


      Thanks, Michael

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          Work File Safety


          Read it and enjoy better living. Otehrwise your files are probably damaged beyond recovery, but we can't know for sure, since you did not provide any technical information. In any case, it would be best to ask in the FW forum.



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              Mischugo Level 1

              I am so sorry, but this is totally bull s***!


              By the way... when you are with your car, and may be something is wrong ... May be you are in the wrong country, the wrong town? The stars are not like the day before...? Wrong time you start? Do you have some other things in the car like the day before...


              The Adobe Software costs more than a buck. Especially here in Germany ! And, i would like to have a product that works!!!

              In between, i tell a lot of my customers, that i need more time to make my job, because the software works, sometime not, sometime yes ...


              Now, back to my problem.. I have a FW-File, 27 MB, Size 0x0???

              Any idea?

              Should i post my problem to Facebook for more feadback?


              Thanks a lot

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                Mischugo Level 1

                Hi, sorry, I didn't explain my situation very well yesterday. Was too angry! Apologies!


                So, once again. While I was saving my document, Fireworks gave the error, some thing like, "An error occurred, file cannot be saved because file cannot be found." Then the beach ball of death appeared and then the program crashed. I received no further technical info beyond that. Looking at the specs of my document, it lists a size of 21.9MB (that's about right) but a size of 0 x 0 pixels. I can't open this file. When I try I'M told "This data can't be opened do to an internal failure". I was able to open a previous "recovery data" copy that was available from my original file, but the layout is missing massive amounts of elements. Whole text passages/windows are missing. This is what I was referring to last night. I understand that this type of error while saving is fairly common. Any ideas or tips?


                another question. Since the recovery data is saying that it has a data size of 21.9MB, it seems like the system is acknowledging its existence. Does anyone know of any program that might allow me to change the pixel size 0x0  to my original (1024x1028)? Kind of like when one changes a file name from .something to .jpg and Photoshop can, all of a sudden, recognize and open the file. Perhaps that might magically allow me recover the data? I can hope, right?


                Thanks again for your help!