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    Hyperlink Naming Convention

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      Hi All,


      I hope following question is very simple for you.....


      I want to change all the URL Hyperlink source name as like as Hyperlink destination contents.


      Please refer the screenshot....





      In the above screenshot I need to change  "yaho" into "yahoo.com".


      Kindly give solution for me.


      Trying Code is below:


      var myHyperlinks = app.activeDocument.hyperlinks;


      for (k = 0; k < myHyperlinks.length; k++) {

          var myHyperlinkText = myHyperlinks[k].source.sourceText.contents

           var myTemp = app.activeDocument.hyperlinks.add(myHyperlinkText, {name: myHyperlinkText.contents})




      Thanks in advance


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          -hans- Level 4



          get the ->destination -> //destinationURL of the hyperlink

          set its name to it. <-hyperlinkname

          set the sources name to it <_sourcename


          guess your mixing up hyperlinkname with sourcename in your post

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            Hi Hans,


            Thanks for your quick response....


            Hyperlink concept is entirely new for me.


            I am trying for a long time but I not able find the result...


            Could you please provide any related coding...




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              -hans- Level 4

              sthg. like this:


              someHyperlink = app.activeDocument.hyperlinks[0];

              itsURLDestination = someHyperlink.destination.destinationURL; //case of being a hyperlinkURLDestination; may be not -> you've got tocheck:)

              changeHyperlinkName = someHyperlink.name = itsURLDestination;

              changeSourceName = someHyperlink.source.name = itsURLDestination;


              Sunny day


              Hans-Gerd Claßen