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    Attachments as Answers, Saving Forms in Process


      Hi there. I am looking to turn our PDF application form for a Fellowship program into an online form. There are two features we need, and I can't find them on your feature list:

      • Ability to upload attachments and submit with your form

      Applicants to our program are required to submit, along with their completed form/application, letters of recommendation. Do you have a feature where people can upload an attachment and submit with their form?


      • Ability to save a partially filled out application and return once or several times to complete the form before submitting.




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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          Your filler can only submit attachments if you distribute your form as a web form (HTML fillable form). This means that you would need to design your form in FormsCentral (i.e. you can't just import your existing PDF into FormsCentral).

          Right now you can't save work-in-progress using the HTML form but we are working on this feature (you can save with the PDF form but then you can't do attachments). We also don't allow the filler to change the data once submitted.