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    Where can I find a tutorial about Show Folders Hierarchy?


      I have Permiere Elements 11 which also has the Elements Organizer as part of the program. And I have Photoshop Elements 10 also. The Elements Organizer with the video editing program is what I'm interested in though. I think my folder hierarchy is not right. I'd like to straighten it out but I don't know how. Can someone direct me to a tutorial on how to work with the Folders Hierarchy.


      This might be a different question, but it might be related to my confusion about the Folder Hierarchy in the Organizer. On June 10 I was copying some photos from my hard drive to the Organizer - probably a dumb thing to do. While I was doing this, the Pictures folder (View and organizes digital pictures) no longer took me to all my photos on the hard drive. The Pictures folder is under Personal Folder, Documents, Music, Control Panel on the Windows 7 desktop to the right of the Start Menus stuff.


      When I click on Pictures now I get two folders: Adobe and Pictures. The Adobe folder has these values - Size: 0 bytes; Contains: 0 Files, 1 Folder; Created: Monday, June 10, 2013; Attributes: Read-only (only applies to files in the folder. I deleted the Abobe folder several times but it keeps coming back.


      What I would really like to do is to restore my Pictures folder to its original state so that I will have access to all my hard drive photos immediately instead of clicking around in those folders. I vaguely think that something I did to the folder hierarchy in the Optimizer has messed up other things on my computer.

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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          First of all, to see the folder hierarchy: When looking at the left hand panel of the Organizer, you will see your folders listed alphabetically. At the top of this list it says "My Folders", to the right of this is a button that looks like a folder hierarchy list (a folder with another folder beneath it and indented). Click this button.


          Second, what do you mean you copied your pictures to the Organizer? Did you try to move your files to the Organizer's application folder? That's kinda what it sounds like. That is not how the Organizer works. You import your files into the Organizer, this means you tell the Organizer where your files are and it reads information about them. The files stay right where they are (and, in fact, are required to stay put in order for the Organizer to operate). The Organizer is a database application, it has information about your files, but does not store the files themselves. So if you moved the files, what you need to do is move them back, then you will see the correct folders and files when you go to the Pictures folder.


          The Adobe folder is a support folder for the Organizer. Some operations within the Organizer may create files within it. When you launch the Organizer, it will recreate this folder if it was deleted.

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            Tommyvincent Level 1

            You wrote, "So if you moved the files, what you need to do is move them back..."


            I don't know how to do this. Could you tell  me how. I moved about 50 photos into the Organizer. Now I know I should not have done this. I'd like to correct the mistake.


            When I click on the Show Folder List icon this is what I see:


            My Pictures




                 My Videos



                           Program Data















            This makes no sense to me. But I could live with it - except perhaps something I did has made my PrE11 impossible to work with. When I put new clips via the memory card into the program, they do not go into the Timeline. All I get is an error message.


            I like the Adobe programs and don't want to give up on them, especially since my problems probably have been self-imposed.

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              Brett N Adobe Employee

              From what you've listed here, it looks like you've moved your picture folders up a level... sort of. I'm not sure why Computer is listed there in My Pictures (or maybe there is just an issue with how you've indented the list here...). But it looks like you've moved many of your image folders to the parent folder of where we'd normally expect them to be.


              The My Pictures folder is the name used by Windows XP, on Windows Vista and later the folder was simply named Pictures. If I'm reading your list right, it looks like you want to take the Faces folder that is in the Tommy folder and move it to the Pictures folder (the one at the bottom of the list, just above D, E, F, G). You'll also want to move the Clowns folder (near the top of the list), into the Faces folder that you just moved in the previous step. If there are any images in the folders My Pictures, Pictures, and/or Faces (the three at the very top of the list), you'll want to move them to the Pictures folder at the bottom of the list.


              All of this can be done within the Elements Organizer, just click and drag a folder to move it from where it is to the location you want.


              For any issues with using Premeire Elements, you'll want to post those in the Premiere Elements forum for answers: http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere_elements

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                Tommyvincent Level 1

                The Premiere Elements 11 is working now. Almost all of my video files had the Nero Quick Media icon on them. I uninstalled the Nero programs and then tried to use the PrE 11 program again to edit my clips. It works OK now.


                Computer is directly under My Videos. I'm almost afraid to work with the hierarchy because I really don't know what I'm doing. In other words, I don't know what the correct arrangement should be. Could I just delete the whole thing - all the photos - and start over again? Like clicking a buttion to set the folder hierarchy to the original default position. 

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                  Brett N Adobe Employee

                  The only correct arrangement is the one that you recognize so that you can find your files. This isn't anything to sweat over. These folders are just the default locations for some things. By moving them around, some things may not work as expected, but ultimately it's about your comfort. So, you can leave things as is and simply get used to the current configuration.

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                    Tommyvincent Level 1

                    You wrote, "This isn't anything to sweat over." Well, I am sweating a little because this self-inflicted mess I made of the Folder Hierarchy in the Organizer has repercussions when I try to put photos in emails or in my discussion forums. For example, when I put a photo in a discussion forum in one of my websites, instead of clicking just Pictures, I have to go from Pictures to Adobe to Pictures again, and then to Faces, and finally I can select the photo I want.


                    Evidently what I did in the Organizer has ramifications in my Windows 7 programs. My question is this: Can I just delete the whole PrE 11 program and then reinstall it. Do you think this would solve my problem?


                    I don't have the PrE 11 disc though. I just have the serial number of the program that I downloaded from Amazon.com. I'd like to get this problem solved if there is an easy solution like the one above. If I have to buy the program again that's OK too if you think it would get my Pictures back to normal.

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                      Brett N Adobe Employee

                      Reinstalling Photoshop Elements will not change your folder hierarchy or image file location at all. Buying the program again won't do you any favors either. There is no "Normal" or standard for file locations. There is default, everything else is custom and personal.


                      Photoshop Elements merely keeps track of your images, it does not store them, and it does not move them unless you tell PSE to move them. So the files are where they are, if you want them in a different location, move them to the location you want them to be. If you want PSE to continue to keep track of them, then use PSE to move them. Otherwise, PSE will lose contact with the files and will give you an error if you try to use the file. The error will be one about locating the current location of the file.


                      If you want your pictures to be in a specific folder so they are easier to find in the future with other applications, then move them there. In the Elements Organizer, you can simply select the files you want to move, and then drag them to the folder you want to move them to on the left hand panel.