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    Lightroom 5 Bugs that need a quick fix.

    Bob Somrak Level 6

      I think there are at least 2 bugs in my opinion that need a quick fix as opposed to the normal update schedule.



      #1 - Sharpness and Noise not transfered to small JPG exports. 


      This is probably a critical bug for a lot of users sending images to clients or posting on the web.  This bug has been acknowledged by Adobe.


      See here  http://forums.adobe.com/message/5403557#5403557



      #2 - Horizontal crop not holding on Vertical photos


      You can do an undo to get the orientation back but just cursoring through the photo is enough to cause the behavior.  It even persists through a restart.  This has been acknowledged by Adobe.


      See here  http://forums.adobe.com/message/5403413#5403413



      I can deal with these for awhile but I would think a lot of pros and others will be adversely affected as there doesn't seem to be easy or acceptable work around.