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    Test Design


      How can I test the design within Forms Central prior to distribution?

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee

          While designing the form you can switch to the Test tab and click on the Test Web Form button.  This will open up a new Browswer window with your form as it will appear to others (in fill-in mode).



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            Bnchmrk Level 1

            Thank you for responding Jeff . However, I do not have a "Test" tab, only

            "Create New Form" and "My Forms."  I am evaluating Forms Central and have

            not subscribed but working with an initial form that I understand is free

            of charge. I set up 3 templates but then created a custom form which is the

            one I want to test. What am I overlooking?

            Thanks for any help that you can provide.

            Richard Renehan

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              The test tab is available when you are actually inside the form. So on the "My Forms" you would double click the form you want to design/test, then while in the form, you click the test tab at the top (next to distribute, options, etc). After selecting the test tab, you click test my form, and a separate tab or window will pop up, depending on your browser version and options.

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                Bnchmrk Level 1

                Thank you for responding to my request. I apologize for being such a pest

                but I am not seeing what you describe. When I open my form, there are two

                tabs at the top: under FormsCentral  Client Intake  (boxed X).  The two

                tabs are labelled "Design" and "Collect Responses Online". My custom form

                is open and I can edit it but I cannot test it.


                What I wanted to test is this: where there is a multi-line text entry

                point, and the entry exceeds the capacity of the space set up, does the

                font reduce in size to fit or does the space allotted expand to accommodate

                the longer entry?  Further, does the same hold true if the form is saved as

                a PDF and later later used independent of Forms Central?


                Thank you for any help you can provide.

                Richard Renehan

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                  apopka_pbrown Level 1

                  I guess I need more information to be able to replicate your issue. When you say "custom form", do you mean you created a new form from a blank template (aka "from scratch")?




                  I just setup a custom form and I have Design, Options, Test, Distribute, View Responses, and Summary Report. These are the options whether I start with a custom form (equivalent to the quick template "blank template") or just a blank template from the quick select menu.


                  My only thought would be if you are a free account, but I remember having the option to test when I had a free account as well.


                  To answer your inquiry, on the form, the size of the text box you create in the design is the size it remains on the form when in use. If the filler types more text than what can fit in the box size you created on the form, then the scroll bar on the right side of the box will "activate" (become dark grey rather than "greyed out") and the box will become scrollable.

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                    Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                    Looks like you are using FormsCentral for Acrobat and you are not signed in to the service. This create local files that can only be saved as PDF (File > Save as PDF form...). If you want to test the form you'll need to save it as PDF and open it in Reader or Acrobat. If you want to test the workflow of collecting data via FormsCentral you will need to move the form online first. For that you will need to at least have a free account with FormsCentral.


                    Sounds though that you want to use the pDF outside of FormsCentral so you might not need a subscription.