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    Aamee and Photoshop CS6

    Matissage Level 1

      Hi all,


      Hope you will help me out with my installation issue.


      Most of my users are working on a secure network without any internet connection. Then they wont be able to activate Photoshop CS6.

      I just heard that AAMEE can solve my issue and generate a MSI package with all necessary activation information.


      I installed and used AAMEE ( My first impression was, too easy.


      But at final the MSI is not working.

      I tried from a command prompt with administrator rights (run as)

      The installation starts but it failed at the end.

      The progress bar goes back.


      I tried on Windows 7 x64 and Windows Vista x32.


      Any ideas ?


      Thanks in advance




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          AU_Software Level 1

          I ran into the same problem and was told it was because AAMEE packages files for distribution using SCCM and ARD. To get around this issue, we created a self-extracting zip file containing a batch file to start the installation. I am sure there was probably a better way to accomplish the task, but this is what worked for us based on system restrictions and server permissions.


          Batch file contains the following text: (Modify echo text as you see fit and include your msi filename in the msiexec line)


          echo "Press ENTER to begin installation."


          msiexec /i Build\YOUR_MSI_FILENAME_HERE.msi

          Exceptions\ExceptionDeployer.exe --workflow=install --mode=post

          echo "Press ENTER to exit installation."


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            PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

            Hi, Karim.

            You might want to change your user name to avoid getting spam.

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              I look into the various information from Adobe's forum and I find this usefull video :

              http://tv.adobe.com/watch/creative-suite-in-the-enterprise/using-aamee-to-package-cs6-for- enterprise-deployment/


              After that I tried another thing just to be sure.

              When you create your MSI package, during the "Configuration" page, select "Ignore conflicts and continue installation".


              Before using SCCM to deploy this MSI, I tried locally from a command prompt (run as)

              msiexec /i AdobePhotoshopCS6.msi (without any parameter) to view the installation progress.


              At the end it works fine and the software has been installed properly.


              Now il will be able to try through SCCM.


              I would add, that the MSI package created with AAMEE can be used with SCCM or any other tool that can push/upload the package (folder container).

              SCCM is a basic tool that upload the package to the destination (WS), once done, a command line (or batch file) will be ran from the WS.