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    Presenter output ONE single SWF


      I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how to do the following. What I'm looking for is to export a PPT presentation that is heavy on animation that includes audio. For this the presenter plug-in works very well. Compared to captivate's import features and recording system, I prefer the presenter system in terms of ease of use for the author.

      The one BIG problem I have is that I must have the final file output be a single SWF file, because that is what our technology teams can handle. They can't do zips, exes, or full directories with js, xml, htm and separate flash files. So my questions are two fold:

      1. Has anyone been able to convert the whole zip package into a swf package easily.
      2. If not, does anyone know of a consulting resource that can create/modify the output of presenter to that effect
        • 1. Presenter output ONE single SWF
          I, too, am trying to figure this one out.

          I'm in charge of streamlining our web seminar archiving process, and one of the major problems is that we use an operator assisted service for the audio. Because the audio never passes through Adobe Connect, it isn't recorded. Currently, a person has to set up a completely new meeting after the initial meeting and sync the audio from the operator service by hand (using up 2 computers for the whole hour meeting!).

          Coming from an audio/video background, I'm trying to understand why there isn't an option to:
          a) get the original media files from the Connect admin to sync the audio and re-upload
          b) import an audio file into the recording from the original meeting on the Connect server
          c) export the synchronized presentation with Presenter as a single Flash movie, or something similarly useful

          Any help we could get would be greatly appreciated!