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    Just upgraded to 8.1, crashes whenever trying to set curve points

    nathanyan Level 1

      I just upgraded recently to (not sure what I was on previously, but it was at least several months older). Camera Raw now compleletly freezes up and crashes whenever I try setting points on the Tone Curve using the dropper tool (Ctrl+click). Usually this happens after the 2nd or 3rd point I set.


      I can also reproduce the problem more consistently if I use spot removal a few times before.


      Setting curve points on the curve itself (rather than ctrl+clicking the image) produces no such problems.


      Never had any problems previously. And this is consistent across multiple files (Canon 5D2 .cr2's).


      Side question - is there an archive for older versions of ACR? 8.1 is completely broken to me currently and the previous one worked fine.


      Can attach the .cr2 file if needed, just tell me where.to send it.