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    LR 5 SDK?

    johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

      Any facts or informed opinion when the LR 5 SDK will be published?  The Web page still shows the LR 4 SDK:




      LR 4.0 was released 3/5/12 and the accompanying SDK wasn't released until 2.5 months later with 4.1 (5/29/12). 

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          areohbee Level 6

          To answer the question: I have no clue.


          But, I wish Adobe would release some preview documentation (with ample disclaimer that things might change...), so developers can have a clue, in a more timely fashion.


          Users who upgrade Lr expect their plugins to be upgraded too.


          Granted there are scant few differences in common functions of Lr4 vs. Lr5, still...


          PS - Having more timely documentation (even if functionality not completed) would also help with planning...



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            DawMatt Level 3



            I don't have any specific information to offer here, but personally I expect a delay like that experienced for the LR 4 SDK doco.