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    Will After Effects on an ATi-Mac get accelerated?


      Will Adobe be accelerating After Effects for Mac w/ ATi(AMD) anytime soon?


      I’m running AE-CS6-Cloud for Mac on a Mac Pro, 32 GB, ATI Radeon 5870. I would love to start using the ray-traced renderer as though it were at least an Nvidia PC. However, for professional use, the ray-t renderer in After Effects on an ATi-Mac is unacceptable. Let me be clear, I am not bashing Adobe or AE, as AE runs just fine on my gear in classic 3D.


      If not, then will the situation change now that Apple states it’s going ATi(AMD)FirePro for the new (black cylinder) Mac Pro? Or should I blow my dough on an Nvidia Card for my current (giant cheese grater) Mac Pro?


      Thank you for the response.