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    Unable to upload a photo to the header of a form




      I've uploaded plenty of photos before as supplementary header images, however, I currently cannot do so.


      I'm running Windows 7 32-bit on a VM hosted by VMWare vSphere with the latest windows updates. I have tested IE10 and the latest version of Firefox, neither will let me upload a photo to the header. It gets to 50%, then stops. Eventually I get this message in a popup:



        Acrobat.com could not contact the server to complete your action.

        Why? It's either a momentary glitch with our service or a problem with your web browser or your connection to the Internet.

        What Can You Do? Make sure that your Internet connection is working correctly. Retry your most recent action or try to use a different web browser to access Acrobat.com.



      My internet is obviously working because I'm posting here, I've tried another browser (firefox, as stated above), and I just updated my flash player version (11.7.700.224 for both the ActiveX and the plugin).


      The only difference is before I was using the primary account owner's account, and now I am using a team account created for me. (I am logged in as a member, not the buyer)


      Can an Acrobat admin shed any light on this for me? I just need to know if this is an acrobat.com server side issue.