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    Chrome filter on larger document


      Hi all,


      I created a logo which was 1.8cm sq & used the chrome filter on it.


      I now need to make a much larger version of the logo & after creating all theother parts of my logo ok, the Chrome filter gives completly the wrong effect?


      Any ideas on this?

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          Trevor.Dennis Mythic

          Difficult to offer advice without seeing what you are trying to achieve.  Can you post the image?  Lots of ways to do a chrome effect, depending on the shape of the object.  For instance, using Layer Styles Bevel & Emboss, and changing the Gloss contor to Ring (second from left on the bottom row).  Exagerating contrast with Curves, or dodge and burn also works well.   Will this chrom surface be reflecting anything, (as real chrome would do) ?

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            thebadge12345 Newcomer

            Hi Trevor & firstly thank you for your reply.


            I attach 2 images that may explain a little better, the first showing the 2 documents (both created exactly the same way only difference is image size) & the 2nd showinf result if the chrome filter is applied to them.


            Hope you are able to help


            Image Size.png


            Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 09.50.18.png

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              Trevor.Dennis Mythic

              Well, I have certainly been able to duplicate the difference.  The Chrome filter seems to be pixel dependant, rather than size dependant, and the filter settings don't come close to containing a large image size.  But the Chrome filter is not particularly precise one, so you could apply it before resizing, and resize using Bicubic Smoother.  A 10x enlargement is still going to produce jaggies, but gaussian blur will fix that:


              Apply Chrome filter to 1000 pixel square image

              Resize to 10,000 pixels using Bicubic smoother

              Lock layer transparency (to prevent blur from bleeding)

              Gaussian blur 5

              Repeat Gaussian blur

              Levels to repair black point.


              Chrome full.jpg


              Actual pixel size detail

              Chrome detail.jpg


              Otherwise, there are heaps of chrome effect tuts out there.

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                thebadge12345 Newcomer

                Thanks Trevor, kinda thought there was not going to be an easy solution.