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    Copying a generated project to a published directory?

    MarionJD Level 1

      Is there any risk in copying a generated project directory to overwrite the published directory?




      I have a complex project for a client.  It combines our generic files with their custom files.  The master project includes both our generic files (merged) and their custom ones which are stored in the master project.


      The client would like to have control of the project so they can edit their custom files, add more, etc., and publish the project.


      Originally, they assured us that we could have access to their server to do any updates of our generic files.  However, they may not be willing to do that.  I'm wondering if a solution is for us to generate our generic projects for them, then zip up the generated projects and send them to the client, and they could overwrite the merged published projects with them.


      Does that sound feasible?  Is there any risk?


      Thanks for any help.