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    Create sequence or title template


      Hi everyone,


      I'm new to video editting in general.  I wanted to create a sequence template (or title template maybe) with effects and a text inside to display several times in my videos.  I also want to be able to change the text inside so I can repeat the same design several times, but the important part is that if I want to change for example the background of that I don't want to update all the titles in all the videos.


      In other words, is there any way to create a template of something that allows me to:

      - Change the text inside of it and repeat it several times in a video

      - If I want to change the design of the template, then everywhere I used that template gets updated.


      Thanks in advance!


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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          You can do this with nesting.


          Add the background video to a sequence.  Nest that sequence into another, and add the title on top.  Create others in the same way.


          You can then nest those title sequences into other sequences.  If you want to change the background video, go into the original sequence with that video and every nested sequence that uses it will reflect that change.