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    Preview Thumbnails not updating.


      My normal way of processing photos is to preview a folder in Bridge, from Bridge open a photo in camera raw and process it there. If I'm not using that image immediately, I simply close it when I'm finished processing. Then I'm back in Preview mode in Bridge and I can see the photograph that I processed and the changes that were made. I've been processing photos from several cameras this way for years.


      However, I'm using a new camera system. Lumix GH3. When I preview and process photos from this camera, the thumbnails are never updated with the processed image. They always show the original one. Even if I close that folder and reopen it in Bridge, I still don't have a preview of the processed images. If I reopen the photo in Camera Raw or Photoshop, sure enough, I can see the changes, the photo IS processed. But those changes never show up in the preview thumbnails.


      At first I thought this was the particular SD card, which was new to me and supplied by the camera store where I purchased the Lumix. But I've tried several now, all with the same result.


      Any ideas??


      Macbook Pro, OS 10.8.3. Bridge CS6 v5.0.1.21, Photoshop CS6, v13.0.3 x 64.