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    "animated jpg" is back

    LessZoa Level 1

      I've been using Photoshop since v2.5 and in all my years of of creating & manipulating digital images (both still & animated) I am all at once stumped by this "animated jpg" thing:



      When I look at it, I "see" gif - the colors are indexed and I should know, I've built enough of them in my time - can spot an indexed image worlds away.


      Do note, yes, I've read this thread:



      Which still doesn't explain HOW "animated files" are being passed around Facebook as an _image_ not a bit of javascript or quick CSS trick for those are dissallowed in FB posts. Even an iframe cannot be used in a post (I tried).


      Now, I am not a stupid person - and I am a web developer by trade. I understand code, dream in html5 now, and eat java for breakfast, lunch & dinner with a side of c# when hankering for a snack and php for desert. I'm a certified RedHat technician so am very savvy when it comes to how the web works. I also manage the social media accounts for my employer - I am no stranger to Facebook's limitations, developments and laws.


      I am baffled by this.


      I've downloaded the image, redid the extension - photoshop still expects a jpg file and reports an error: "... invalid JPG marker type ..."

      It won't open at all in photoshop. I've even tried some open source software I have, and is all a no go.


      Windows Previewer displays a still image (puppy's eyes wide open), yet when I open the downloaded image in a web browser (Chrome), that puppy is blinking at me. Firefox the same, but NOT IE9 - IE9 doesn't even see the pic. Interesting...


      I've opened the FB-hosted image in another browser window, checked source/elements... well, Chrome says its a jpg and the puppy is blinking at me..

      When i attempt a save of different states (open eyes & closed eyes), the file is named the same and clobbers, but then still previews open eyes regardless of the state from which I download it.


      It is acting like a gif... and Facebook outlaws gifs.


      So I "share" it privately - in my timeline it is a STILL IMAGE, but in my news feed (read: my FB "home" page - NOT my timeline), it is animated.


      I am baffled.


      I have reported the image (being hosted someone's "Profile Picture" folder - which doesn't allow direct uploads without a h@q) to Facebook so no idea how long it will still be live. Interestingly enough, the puppy has had over 900k shares. Add to that the profile has SEVERAL of these animated images in its profile pictures album:








      Anyone else have thoughts?


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