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    Came across an issue with the "Replace with after effect" option

    Heism Level 1

      This is what I've done:


      Treated clips (mpeg-4's) with the razor tool (only thing done to the files), separately, and saved them (haven't even touched an effect or opened AE together with any of these clips).



      Yesterday I opened one of the Premiere files, ready to link it with AE  (note: I have emptied the disk cache+cleaned the database in the mean time, but that should'nt have a big impact on the files)



      Right after I check the "save as" window that pops up in the comp, in AE, the premiere file go offline, and the screens on both Premiere and AE are empty.


      When I put an unchopped version of an mpeg file in premiere and then try to link it, it works out fine, and I'm able to edit the file whilst having the file live in premiere as well (which is what I want with the chopped premiere files).


      Importing the Premiere files (chopped) into AE is not a problem either. Something is happening "live".. My ram is of good size as well, so the machine should be able to handle it.





      Any help is much appreciated.