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    Help with custom LiveAction


      We are seeing some unexpected results when working with a custom LiveAction.


      As an experiment we:

      • Using CQ5.6
      • Created a custom LiveAction and associated LiveActionFactory. The live action creates a new "hello world" property in the target resource.
      • Created a new Rollout configuration that contains only the new custom live action.
      • Performed a Live Copy of a page in the Geometrixx-Outdoors example using the new rollout config.
      • See the new copy created, but we were expecting the newly created nodes to only have the new "hello world" property (which it does) and not any of the original source properties.
      • Why is the full source being copied?
      • Were thinking the contectCopy live action would be needed in our rollout configuration to have the full source copied.


      Clearly there is something conceptual we are missing as to how the live copy process works.  Any help would be appreciated.


      Ultimately we would like to create a live copy that contains a refactored subset of the source data.