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    Layering and cutting


      Hi All


      Simon from wigan UK


      Ive inherited a summasign pro t750 im running adobe i with winplot,im very new to this after tinting for 8 year, it camewith no leads or drivers etc so downloaded it all from summasign in europe. just got it running today,



      I can cut text very easy in one colour exciting i know



      What im after doing is text with an outline in a second colour so im guessing a larger text in black with say smaller font in white giving the white a black outline when layered, just trying to work out how to get the size proportion perfect then seperating them to cut on two different colours,if that makes sense,



      Thanks in advance

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          As I (mis)understand it, you may:


          1) Create the text and Type>Create Outlines, change the colour before or after as desired (to the inner colour);

          2) Object>Path>Offset Path by the desired amount and change the colour as desired (to the outer colour);

          3) Ungroup;

          4) Select each of the inner paths along with the corresponding  offset path and Pathfinder>Minus Front.


          That should give you separate (compound) paths for inner and outer paths for each letter.

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            z284pwr Level 1

            Another around about way may be to creative the outlines, add a stroke to the outline then outline the stroke.  To take it one step further release the compound path made from the stroke and then with the pathfinder use the unite command.  It should make the section one large solid section instead of just the compound path around the text.

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              gofreesing Level 1

              Create text > apply stroke and select none fill color > outline > expand.