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      How can I send back a form with the answers, to the same person, in order of being able to modify it, by the person who sent it the first time and then send it again to me?

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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          Let see if I understand what you are trying to do :


          Fiiler submits to the form Author

          Author sends the data back to the Filler and ask the Filler to change some values

          Filler change some values and submit back to the Author


          If this is the workflow you are trying to achieve then this is not something that is currently supported by FormsCentral.


          With a paid subscription you can send a Email Receipts with the data to the Filler (Options tab > Email Receipts) but there is no way for the Filler to change his data. He would need to send an email to the Author with the new data and the author would need to update the table manually.