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    CS6 64-bit HDR Pro producing corrupted merge

    nealeh Level 5

      Running CS6 Basic on W7-64bit. I'm not a frequent user of CS6, mostly Photoshop Elements does all I need, but I've been reworking the CS5 Classroom in a Book exercises to refresh my CS6 knowledge.


      I've reached the exercise (page 139) where multiple images of a model are merged using File> Automate> Merge to HDR Pro... but getting a weird result in CS6 64-bit. I've tried the two suggestions seen in this forum (resetting preferences, ensuring images are displayed in tabs) but neither has worked. My graphics drivers are up to date as are all Windows updates.


      If I run the same images through Merge to HDR Pro in the 32-bit version of CS6 its perfect.


      Here is what I'm getting in 64-bit - any suggestions?




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