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    Multiple Digital Signatures - each signer enters their comments then signs


      Background / Problem:  I currently have a Microsoft Word Document I print out (multiple pages). Everyone reads the first page, puts their comments in their section, then signs under their comments. The same group of papers (2-3 pages) gets signed by 7 people. After I chase everyone down to add their comments and sign the paper, I then file it into a massive file cabinet.


      I am considering buying Adobe Acrobat very shortly (if this can solve the problem). I would like to convert the two or three page document I normally print out into a PDF file. I would like for someone to add a comment in their comment box, sign the document and save it. The next person will then add their comment sign it and save it. How do I do this and what version of Acrobat do I need (if acrobat can do this)?