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    I have problem in my project, please Help me, urgent

      have problem in my project.
      When i start using project, i recive a errore in flash player .
      if it possible troubleshooted for me

      Problem file
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          Rothrock Level 5
          The problem is that you have left paper on the floor near the wastebasket.

          Please you have to do a little of the work yourself.

          First, post a topic that has a title regarding your problem. That way people who know about that problem will be more likely to take a look.

          Second, don't just say you have a problem and receive and error. Shay what kind of problem and tell us what the error says.

          Third. Most people won't download a file from any random stranger off the net. So don't expect that is going to explain it.

          Fourth, even if the file does explain it, why should a stranger have to do all the steps that you should have done?

          Fifth, do a little work yourself, what have you tried to fix it?

          Sixth. Just because it is urgent to you doesn't mean it is urgent to everybody else.

          So try some of these things and post back.