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    This Textured Effect

    thanser Level 1

      I'm seeing a lot of poster art these days online, and many of them have a really nice textured effect to the color fills. It's not your typical Photoshop filter, however.






      How is this done, do you think?  A custom brush of some kind?  Or load a selection and mask the color?


      I can't find the exact poster right now (that figures!) but sometime this texture looks almost like poor ink coverage, or a bad Zerox copy (low toner.)


      Can anyone shed some first hand experience on this?



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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          It's quite localised in the second link (the first link didn't work for me).  You could do an overall texture that looks like that as simply as filling a layer with grey, setting the layer blend mode to Dissolve, and reducing layer opacity. The localised areas much the same but using the airbrush with a lowish flow rate. Obviously on a seperate layer, also set to Dissolve.