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    CS6 Offset filter not working as expected

    CameronLS1 Level 1

      I've been using the offset filter for years to create seamless patterns with predictable results - I choose "Wrap around" and when I enter the distance the parts of the image that go off one side show up on the opposite side.

      Now, with CS6, sometimes it works as expected and sometimes parts of the image go missing when (if) it shows up on the other side.

      I've discovered that when this happens if I go to Image - reveal all that often times those lost pixels are outside of the viewable canvas. However, sometimes reveal all doesn't show anything new and the pixels have just been lost.

      I know there are not extra pixels outside the canvas are before I run the filter so I don't understand how this is happening.

      Does anyone know what's going on and how to prevent this from happening?

      The only solution I have found is to select all and crop the image between every offset. Sometimes I'm offsetting 20-30 layers in a row (becaue you can't apply a filter to multiple layers at once, so annoying). Otherwise, if I'm not careful after I've offset everything I go to check the pattern and realize i lost parts of my image.

      Thank you

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Just a guess, but I'm thinking before you run the Offset operation you've cropped the image but without having the [ ] Delete Cropped Pixels option set.  In that case Photoshop maintains the cropped pixels but outside the visible canvas area.


          I only very rarely check that option any more, and when I do and forget to change it back sometimes I get bit by stuff not unlike what you described.



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            CameronLS1 Level 1

            Hi Noel,

            Thank you for the response. That was something I was actually paying attention to so it hasn't been what's causing my issue.

            Best Regards


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              nicotr014 Level 1

              I'm having the exact same problem with my offset filter. Have you found a solution yet?


              Edit: I have figured it out.


              The problem is that the layer your are applying the offset filter to has white/transparent pixels that extend beyond the document size. What you have to do is "select all" and crop the image to the size of the document and make sure to "delete cropped pixels" as Noel said.


              The filter IS working correctly, however it's wrapping empty pixels, not what we expected.

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                laurakb40 Level 1

                I was having the same issue with the offset filter and finally found a solution for my problem. The image I was repeating must have had transparent pixels that I was unaware of, so I used the magic wand to select the transparent pixels and deleted them prior to copying and offseting.


                FYI I did crop the image first as suggested above but I am pretty sure I tried that solution on its own without using the magic wand to select the transparent pixels after cropping and it did not work.

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