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    Help needed with building Flex App without FlexBuilder

      Hi Guys,

      I was building my application on Struts framework with JSPs as the front end. I just got a new requirement to try and build my application's GUI with Flex (completely replacing JSPs). I cannot use FlexBuilder as my company won't buy it. I've been trying to dig through all articles and documentation to find out how to write MXML files and compile them without a FlexBuilder. I have learnt that I can write MXML files using plain notepad, but I am totally lost when it comes to understanding how to compile my MXML files with FlexBuilder. I know about the ant compiler and web compiler but How do I use them? I want to use the web compiler but how can I configure the Web Compiler to compile my MXML files when I run my app? Can someone kindly help me out.

      Thank You,