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    Auto populate the pathfield in blueprint child site?

    limjohnny88 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I have a blueprint site setup, and i have multiple child site inheriting from it.

      Whenever i have created a content on the blueprint site it will be pushed down to the child site.


      And I have a 'Overview' page on the blueprint site(Child site will also inherit from it), where the user can select the content to show via pathfield.














      Logically, when the the user select '/content/blueprint/details/content1.html' on '/content/blueprint/overview.html' on the blueprint site.


      The child site overview page(' /content/child/overview.html') should be pointing to ' /content/child/details/content1.html' instead of '/content/blueprint/details/content1.html'






      How do i do it?