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      After updating the Adobe kuler website, not working Kuler desktop (Adobe Kuler for PC.air). is there any update on kuler.air


      thank you.


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          The same issue on Mac OS X 10.8.4.

          Any chance I can get my Kuler desktop app working?

          It always says "kuler klash. please try again later".

          Please advise.



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            Dave E Employee Moderator

            Hi Sampath & F1lash. 

            The Kuler Air app and Mac Widget are no longer supported.  In order to hasten development efforts and to remain focused on building new and valuable features, Adobe typically only supports software up to two versions back. The Air app and Mac Widget were introduced around CS3.


            I'd be interested to know what you are using these apps for that you can't do on the website--maybe I can help?



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              iflash Level 1

              Beautiful, and that statement is coming from a company supposed to provide cross platform solutions. You guys and your bogus PR statements are an insult to any Flex and AIR developer. You know, the guys who made you relevant in the Internet world. You are so full of ****!