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    Virtual wordpress installation from within Dreamweaver?

    Villas Diani

      I'd like to make an offline copy of our site featureing luxury villas in Kenya http://villasdiani.com and run it offline in order to experiment without affecting the main site... thanks you for any help!

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          Mike M Level 6

          Wordpress and Dreamweaver don't play well together. In fact, Wordpress and anything don't play well together. I looked at the code and it doesn't look like Wordpress site, so, unless you know Wordpress or PHP and unless you have a testing server to view the finished pages, why would you want to build a WP site out of it?

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            Level 4

            I looked at your source and it most certainly is a wordpress site.


            You'd need to setup a local testing server and virtual host so your can work locally on your website. You may want to work locally so that you can develop a new wp theme without affecting your current site that is live. Wordpress is very widely used and I understand why you would want to work on a new theme locally in Dreamweaver without afftecting your current live site. Depending on OS you would want to setup either XAMPP or MAMP. After that you setup virtual host and then define a local site in DW. There's articles that explain the process online if you search.




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              Mike M Level 6

              My bad.... I don't mess with WP so I don't recognize it that easily... A second look reveals wp-content links.  Good call.


              WP and Dreamweaver is stil a bad mix, if it can even be done.

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                Level 4

                Actually, wordpress and Dreamweaver is a perfect mix and it was upgraded a while ago to support wordpress code hinting. If you don't mess with WP then how do you know it's a bad mix with Dreamweaver?!?


                Look here -> http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/dw_wordpress_pt1.html where you will find information that support the quotes pasted below:


                "If you have Dreamweaver CS5, you already have all the tools you need to get started creating or customizing your own WordPress themes."


                "The built-in Dreamweaver CS5 WordPress code hinting (see Figure 5) provides code hints for your WordPress files, highlights invalid code, and more. This site–specific code hinting feature lends a helping hand when you're working with WordPress PHP code."


                "Dreamweaver CS5 also enables you to preview your WordPress theme using Live View and explore it using Live Code view (when you have a testing web server and WordPress installed)."




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                  Preran Adobe Employee

                  I agree with both with C F McBlob and Shocker. We are still arriving at comprehensive support for Wordpress, but we do have many ways in working with Wordpress using Dreamweaver. From what I remember, the next release (CC) has tighter integration.




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                    Mike M Level 6

                    You're right to ask what I would know. I said I don't mess with Wordpress, I didn't say I never have. I have Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress installed on my WAMP server, and have set them up, but I haven't done anything beyond that with them there. I have tried to set up sites using DW and pointing to the WPR, Joomla or Drupal sites, only to find they don't work at all in DW.


                    I've copied source code from previewed pages into DW pages only to have the same result, because Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress use fragments from throughout the client to put together a whole page. Not my cup of tea. And for someone not familiar with PAT template merging, (which is the closest thing to what I've seen), it won't be easy to "play around" with Wordpress files in DW.