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    How do I sync a Multicam Sequence from Clip Markers?


      So I have this major project that uses four cameras to film a concert and each camera contains multiple songs, so I broke up each song fromeach camera and put them in their own sequences...Then for each song, I pick a high note noticble in the beginning and put a marker by pressing M.  When I put all four sequences of each song in a bin and select them and right click to shoose create a new Multicam sequence, this shows up: Capture.JPG

      The "Clip Marker" is grayed out, eventhough all 4 sequences have clip markers in them.  How do I get this to work


      System Info:


      Primere Pro CS 6 with all the latest updates

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680

      Intel i7 3960X @3.3GHz

      64 GB RAM

      Windows 8 Pro


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          Allynn Wilkinson Level 3

          That's odd... I do a lot with multicam and I think I've had it happen to me once or twice (never did figure out why!).  Here are a couple of things to try...


          First, confirm that the markers are really, *really* there.  Are they named?  If so, are they all named the same (they should be)?


          Duplicate the prproj, delete the markers and try again.  This would assume that something got messed up in the project metadata.


          Easiest solution... "sync" the clips up based on In Points and then right click to open the mulitclip in the timeline.  Move the clips around (using the clip markers as your guide) until they are indeed *really* in sync.  Get on with your edit and hope it never happens again. 


          If it *does* happen again... you must be doing something wrong with the way you're inserting markers.  But, like I said, I've had the problem happen a few times myself but mostly it works great.


          Oh... one more note... it might be easier to sync the whole concert up as one long project and then break it up into songs after you've edited it.  Also.. on *any* big project I highly recommend saving an archival version of the prproj every day. I also tend to  duplicate the working sequences in complicated projects before I do anything major (or every day).  Just a little extra insurance (learned the hard way!)

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            You've added markers to the clips.  Then you're trying to multicam the sequence, so of course there are no clip markers in a sequence.  They're clip markers.


            The better work flow would be to sync the original clips, cut that, then pick out each song.