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    Pop up window at mouse pointer

    Alan_AEDScripts Level 2

      Hi there,  I am totally new to events, never really needed them so excuse my lack of knowledge on this. I am trying to pop up a window at the mouse pointer.

      The solution I have is clunky. So I pop up a window, maybe maximum size - make it's opacity zero, so the user can't see it. Then I set up a 'mousemove' listener

      on this large invisible window which triggers the next window to appear at the right position.


      So I have to move the mouse to pop up the window, I would rather a keyboard event to pop the window up, but there is no screenX, screenY property in the keyboard event object.


      Any pointers appreciated...  am I totally up the wrong path....?

      Many thanks.



      var w = new Window ("dialog");


                   w.addEventListener ("mousemove", function (m) {eventHandler(m)});


                                              function eventHandler (ev){

                                                        //b.text =  ("X: " + ev.screenX+"Y: " + ev.screenY);


                                                        var w2= new Window ("dialog");

                            w2.location = [ev.screenX,ev.screenY];






                                    w.show ();