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    Problem with date locale and serialization to java

      I have a serious problem with Flex dates and need a solution asap. I have a Flex 2 front end that uses java remote objects to talk to the database. On a Flex form I have 2 DateFields. The dates from these are being stored in the datebase. However I need the dates to be stored exactly as the users selects them regardless of the locale.

      Whats happening at the moment is we are developing in Ireland and selecting a date, populating an actionscript VO which is in turn converted to a java VO (on a server in the US) and when the date is stored in the database it is a day before the date we selected. It seems the flash player uses the users locale (GMT) with a time of midnight. When the conversion to EST takes place it stores the date as (GMT -5), which causes it to be the day before.

      I changed my flex code to set the time of the date to be 12 midday so even if it converts it and subtracts 5 hours it will still be the same date. However this isn't working, it seems to work sometimes and not others and is very inconsistent. I cannot figure out why it works sometimes.

      Its driving me mental - has anyone come accross this issue or does anyone PLEASE know a solution????