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    Slice Tool imprecision




      we have quite big problem with Slice Tool in Illustrator CS6.


      We have simple curve then slice is created from Object - Slice - Make so the slice is exactly fit on the object. At least on the artboard.


      But when we want to export that object-slice for the web, there is a one pixel space between one edge and curve (which is exactly horizontal at this edge).


      This is the slice on artboard, there is no visible imprecision:

      bandicam 2013-06-14 12-44-12-934.png

      Same but magnified:

      bandicam 2013-06-14 12-47-53-968.png


      Here is the same slice in Save for Web dialog, there is visible space which is then on the output image:

      bandicam 2013-06-14 12-45-56-922.png


      Can you tell us where can be a problem or is it a bug? How can we solve it?


      Thank you very much.


      Jiri Formanek