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    Every png file I have suddenly has text that cannot be edited


      Hi everyone, every PNG file has suddenly lost the ability to edit text, I can highlight the text box, but to actually select box (or any item) I have to click and then drag it. I can select the the box and change font, size etc from the properties bar but i cannot select it so I can change the actual copy and wording, usually i would just double click on the text and it highlights it.


      I made a new text box where I can write text, but when iI click off the text, I can not click back on to change the wording


      This in CS6 which I recently downloaded, I tried opening the files in an old Fireworks and it has the same problem


      It is every single png file I have from the last few years


      I am using a Macbook


      The only thing I thought It could be is I changed the settings for PNG files in that instead of opening in Preview they open in Fireworks, since then this has happened


      Thanks in advance