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    DAM question: assets in multilanguage

    Julio Baixauli Level 1



      I've a question related to a recent RFI we’ve received from a client.


      This client is evaluating DAM, and the main issue we’ve to solve is how to manage digital assets in different languages (as images can contain texts, and videos can contain different audio). I mean, for this client, ‘an image’ is the aggrupation of the images in different languages (same for videos). With this idea as the start point, there’re several issues to consider:

      • Users need to view the different ‘language images’ as a one, unique entity (maybe a folder… ¿?).
      • Users should manage an image (so, all the language images) at one time: request for activation, deactivation…
      • Images should have an identifier. The users have to find all ‘language images’ with this identifier, and external web servers have to request an image with the image identifier and the language code as a parameters.


      Under your point of view, which is the best approach to face this challenges?


      My first approach is to group 'language images' in a folder, and develop a custom workflows to manage all these image at a time, with the containing folder as a workflow payload. Also, could be necessary to implement a mechanism to replicate some image metadata between these images (metadata like the ID, that must be unique for all the images in a folder).


      Any orientation will be appreciated! Thank you very much.


      (I'm using AEM 5.6)