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    Help! Photoshop cs6 crashes at startup after 13.05 update

    luvtype Level 1


      I urgently need help, please!


      I just now tried to update my Photoshop Extended CS6 to 13.05 and now Photoshop CS6 won't open at all. It crashes at startup, no matter how many times I try to open it. Rebooting hasn't made a difference. Not only that, all previous updates have disappeared as well, and in Finder I see that the program shows as 13.0. So this update attempt has wiped out my previous updates to boot.


      I should add that I have never, ever had a problem updating Photoshop before (I've owned it since version 5.5, way before CS came around) but something has obviously gone very wrong here despite the fact that throughout the update process I never got an error message.


      I am desperate now to find out how to remedy this.What steps can I take to make the program operational again? I don’t even care if I have to skip the update for now. I never would have ventured on this update if I'd known there was the slightest possibility of jeopardizing the functioning of Photoshop.


      What do I do now? I leave on an extended travel journey in 24 hours and desperately need Photoshop and Camera Raw to work so I can process my photographs.


      I've been searching for solutions online but can't find any clear instructions. Some people mention  an Adobe Application Manager but I have not had an error messages so I'm not sure how to proceed.


      If anyone is knowledgeable in this area, I'd be most grateful for your input. Thanks in advance!