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    CS 6 discount

    allisonblake Level 1

      When I upgraded to CS5 (a while back now!) I got a 15% discount from Adobe with a code I received as a member of the NYC IDUG.

      Does Adobe still offer this discount to purchase CS6? I want to upgrade to CS6 before the perpetual licensing is entirely phased out.



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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is a user to user forum - not sure anyone is qualified to answer your query.


          Your best bet is to contact Adobe directly.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            All benefits/discounts that I'm aware of involve Creative Cloud.


            CS6 will be sold indefinitely so unless you have some overwhelming need

            for what is effectively a deadend right now, I wouldn't be in such a

            rush to buy it.


            Just my $0.02,



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              allisonblake Level 1

              Thanks, Bob and Eugne.

              I know Adobe is saying "indefinitely" but I interpret that as "we don't want to commit to a timeframe". I can certainly imagine a scenario in which, 6 months from now, Adobe says "The support for CC has been so overwhelming we feel confident no one needs the option of CS6 anymore"

              Since my company will take some time to review a request to upgrade and then actually implement it, I don't want to get caught off-guard by such an announcement.

              The ongoing cost of CC has been declared a non-starter so dead-end or no, CS6 is what we're looking at. "Indefinitely" ;-)

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                That's your call of course. At some point I would imagine that an

                announcement will be made but I'd be surprised if it came with no warning.


                You won't get anything above the current upgrade pricing as far as deals

                go and it's download only. No boxed software.


                The next meeting in NYC is in September. If you're there come and say hello.