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    How can I replace multiple clips in my timeline w/ an edited version of their original source file


      I have a single audio .wav file that I've already cut up and assembled in in my timeline. If I want to do a noise reduction for the full .wav file in Adobe Audition, is there a way to perform the noise reduction only once, on the original .wav file, and then ensure that the new "audio extracted" file replaces all of the related subclips in clips in my timeline? I'm trying to avoid performing the same noise reduction on multiple subclips, when they originally all came from the same file anyway. I also want to avoid the clutter of adding a bunch more "audio extracted" files to my media.


      In the future, I'll probably need to change my workflow so that I perform the noise reduction first! But in the meantime, is there a clean/ simple way to retroactively do the edit, and replace the edited .wav file with it's respective subclips?