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    Why no edits?!


      Just set up a brand new Imac and have experienced multiple serious issues to the point where I'm wondering if CS is a good product at all.


      I upgraded to the creative cloud in the belief that any bugs I was experiencing had been worked out. My first install on this maxed-out Imac was 5, but it was a 10 in terms of problems.


      As of yesterday, I've experienced freezes, failure to play back, lost settings, baffling returns to normalcy, and, oh yeah, IT WONT EDIT!


      Not in PP mode, not in FCP mode, nothing.


      I've searched help, I've searched the Cow, etc, bupkus.


      I'm getting desperate enough to consider reaching out to the boys in Delhi, but after about 16 hours on the phone and chat with them, I know they are attentive, nice enough, and virtually useless.


      So how do I make this NLE actually CUT?


      New install, Cloud 6, Imac pimped.


      Yes, the tracks are selected in the TL.

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Not in PP mode, not in FCP mode, nothing.

          Are you saying that keyboard shortcuts for editing operations aren't working?  Or is your mouse equally crippled?

          Yes, the tracks are selected in the TL.

          But is the Timeline Panel itself active -- highlighted with an orange border?  Timeline-specific shortcuts won't work if that panel isn't active.



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            abekutter Level 1

            Thanks Jeff, yes to both. I'm a shooter, but I've been on NLE's since oh '94?


            Just FYI I've been going through the applications folder etc finding anything with CS5 in it and trashing it. Am setting up a new proj now in 6.

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              abekutter Level 1

              I didn't answer about the mouse. At last try dragndrop was working.

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                abekutter Level 1

                So now it looks like it's making edits, IE nowline moves as if an edit has taken place, but no representation of media on timeline is created, nor does it play back in TL.

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                  abekutter Level 1

                  Help please. No progress here.


                  This is the situation:


                  A fresh, Creative Cloud install of Premiere 6 etc is misbehaving on a nice new iMac.


                  At first it wouldn't edit at all using keyboard commands either in PP mode, (,-.) or FCP mode (f9, f10), or the source panel edit buttons.


                  Suspecting some sort of a conflict, I cleaned out some remaining fragments of CS5 that had not uninstalled.


                  This improved things, and now PP behaves AS IF it's performing edits using the source panel buttons only, not with keyboard commands.

                  However, no media is populated onto the timeline.


                  Thinking I need to uninstall and reinstall, but prior to that I'd like to hear from you.