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    Why doesn't my php service work on the mobile device but in the emulator?

    xSeleucus Level 1

      I currently have a browser version of my Flex app that uses a series of php services to provide database functionality.  It works well- now I am looking to add a mobile version.  I have segmented all my code such that I have a core of code that both the desktop and the mobile can use with the specifics placed on top.  I have been testing my mobile version in the emulator and the php services work fine.  But when I use the mobile application on the device it has no connectivity.


      I have checked and:

                                        <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"></uses-permission>

      is in my manifest and in the application the permission says full network access.


      I am attempting to run it on a Droid Bionic running ICS.

      Also the webservice endpoint is secured.  I have manually set it in the project in several locations (I don't think I missed any...)


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.