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    Indesign pdf don't print correctly

    Schev france



      I have to print A0 pdf made on indesign that contains both jpg (photoshop) and pdfs (inkscape+autocad). When I export, everything goes well, the pdf look ok on the screen, open fast (3500 Ko). The problem appear after the print: the paper isn't printed correctly: lack of many lines. The images (jpg) are ok.

      I tried on 3 differents printers: same problem (the lines that disapear are not everytime the sames but the problem remain).


      I think that the problem could come from the complicate line of production : autocad->pdf->inkscape->pdf->indesign->pdf->print. maybe not...


      ps: I export the pdf with "press quality" and don't change anything else.


      HELP ! Thank you guys, and sorry for my frenglish !