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    Same serial number issue I had with photoshop




      I recently replaced my Mobo Memory and CPU.


      A couple of days ago I was being told my serial number in photoshop was being used on more than 2 machines, and that I had to deactivate one, after being given a link to a chat with the agent screen eventually I was able to do just that, and they helped resolve the problem.


      Now having stated PRE I have the same issue, and am about to have the program terminated after 29 days or so.


      I have squirreled around looking for the chat link myself, but even though there is a chat with the agent figure on the screen, there isn't the accompanying bar next to it which eventually informed me that an agent was available. I dont want to stare at the same screen resubmitting it from time to time to see if an agent is on line, and be on the wrong page.


      Can some one be so kind as to toss me the link so I can be more confident I am in the right place.


      Many thanks.