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    Dynamic Link complicated question

    dwarrenk Level 1

      This is the story.....

      1. I shot & edited a training session (many sessions - over 40 hours)

      2. I did minor editing in Premiere, used Dynamic Link to send to Encore, set up a first run title page with 8 links to the 8 chapters.(all end actions going back to the main menu)

      3. Burned a DVD for the client

      4. The client made notes for additional changes for me to edit.

      5. I went back into Premiere, made the editing changes (mostly increases in volume from audience questions, removing some comments, etc.)


      Now... If I try and use Dynamic link again to "re-send" to Encore, my only choice is a new project... I cannot send using Dynamic link to an existing project (or if I can, I do not know how)


      I know one work around is to encode from Premiere, then open a Encore project, import as a timeline.... & author away....

      This way, If I go back to Premiere, make editing changes, export back out WITH THE SAME FILE NAME.... when I open the existing Encore project... everything is the same... except the timeline has the updated editing changes...


      The only problem is that on all 18 DVD's, I used dynamic link to send to Encore... so does that mean, (unless I use a work-around, like stated above), I have to re-author all 18 DVDs. I would think that even when using dynamic link, if you open the timeline again in Premiere, make editing changes, that the Encore project would reflect those changes (to make sure, I set the audio volume to 0 on the first 10 seconds in Premiere, saved the project & closed it, opened Encore, did a preview, the audio was still at the regular volume (no change).....


      Any suggestions...

      Or should I just once again use dynamic link, start a new Encore project, re-author (& basically do the same thing over)?

      Or should I do it the other way, encode from Premiere, (you know the rest), I do believe that all the editing changes have been made (according to the client)

      Or, is there some way from Premiere to use Dynamic link to send to an existing Encore project?


      David Kelley

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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I didn't read all your note carefully.


          In your previous Encore project for DVD 1 (or whatever), right click on the "asset" for the timeline (the asset for a dynamic link is the Premiere sequece, not the Encore timeline that was created), and pick "revert to original." It should pick up your changes from Premiere.


          Note that to update markers, you must select the video in the Encore timeline itself, right click, "update markers from source." You will lose all previous markers. If you created the markers in Encore, you must update manually.