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    AS - all page items, access not allowed


      I am upgrading an AppleScript from working with InDesign CS5.5 to CS6.    When I recompile I get the syntax error:

      "Can't set <<constant dpvtdppv>> to <<class aPgi>>.

      Access not allowed."


      My statement is a simple

      "set pList to get all page items" within a tell myDoc section.


      In reviewing the AS guide for InDesign CS6, the notes say that Chapter 4, covering all page items,  was not changed in CS6.  Page 113 of the guide phrases the statement without a "get", so my statement would be

      "set pList to all page items".  This fails with the same error.  As my code gets plenty of use under CS5 and CS5.5, I suspect a dictionary error from Adobe.


      Anyone with ideas?