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    Convert Feet and Inch to cm (and vice versa)

    yeungyam Level 1

      I need some help with conversion of height. The form was designed by the department and there is a field where one need to enter the height of the participant.


      The height can either be in cm or in Feet + Inches (not just inches). Once a value has been entered in cm, it converts it automatically to feet and inches. If the user enter the height in feet and inches, it converts it immediately into cm. Much like the kg to lbs conversion fields in the attached document. I have been able to convert the height in cm into Feet and inches e.g. 165 cm = 5'5". However I am not sure how to do the opposite.


      The problem is the way it has been designed as there is a box for Feet and another box for Inches. If the other measure was in Inches only, it would have been easier and that would be like the kg to lbs conversion.


      I have tried multiple way to try to the conversion, but none would do it exactely like the kg to lbs conversion.


      Here is the form: